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Friday, 23 February 2018

Outbound Telemarketing


How do we get started?
First we need to complete a Project Brief so we can get a solid understanding of your needs. Second, we'll schedule a time to discuss your campaign and the strategy that we will utilise. Third, we'll send you a copy of our service agreement. It will outline your cost on a pay-for-performance basis.

Will we need a database?
For some campaigns a custom list will be needed. You can provide your list or we can purchase a current list from a respected list provider at your expense. A database is developed based on the parameters that you establish. We identify and develop the database using parameters such as size (of employees or sales volume), vertical markets and industries, geographical area (post codes, cities, counties), etc.

How do you customise to meet our needs?

We work with you in developing the client engagement script and how we will present your business - identifying common objections (and developing effective responses), learning the history of your company (how long you've been in business, who some of your customers are) and discovering the unique benefits that your company has to offer. The prospect we are calling on your behalf views us as an part of your business working from your office - it is a seamless presentation.

We identify ourselves with "your company name".. We take your reputation seriously. We understand that each call we make reflects your business. Each call is viewed as an opportunity to build a lasting relationship that will result in increased business for your company.

Who am I competing against?
The services we provide are always exclusive. Should you choose to use us, we will not present competing services or offers in the same territory or DMA. (designated marketing area).

We've been asked how we can afford to turn away business - specifically from potential clients who want to come on board?  The answer is simple – if their product / service is already being presented for an existing Touchstone Leads client in the same territory or DMA, we will not take on that project.
Our response is always the same - "We will not compromise our integrity"

What reports will I get?
Appointments that are scheduled or leads that are generated are put into our database and e-mailed to you that day. We can provide any type of reporting that is most beneficial to you. Some of our clients do not want reports or paperwork of any kind - they simply want the appointments scheduled. If it would be beneficial, we are happy to provide excel spreadsheet reports to you - typically they are e-mailed once a week on Friday afternoon

Are there any guarantees?
We understand your concern. Many of our clients come to us after experiencing much less than favorable results with other B2B telemarketing or appointment setting companies. We guarantee that the prospect will meet the criteria you have set and is interested in hearing about your product or service.

If this does not happen the appointment/lead will be replaced., subject to discussion on a case by case basis.  We do not work for a percentage of commissions. As we tell our clients, our job is to put you in front of the prospects - your job is to close the sale. We cannot guarantee that a sale will be made. We understand that we have to provide you with a high return on your investment. Our clients stay with our services because they are achieving positive ROI.

What do you charge?
Most of our sales appointment programs are charged by the appointment only. Appointments are sold in blocks of twenty or more. The “per lead” or appointment fee will typically range from £150 - £300 (Although the “per lead” or appointment fee can vary as we base our fee on the complexity of your campaign and the profits you will generate.).  Unqualified appointments will be replaced in the event of cancellation, or the failure to meet your pre-arranged qualifying criteria.